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Collegiate Commissions

The Juilliard School:
New Dances


Images by Erin Baiano

A Study of a Mind's I

"How does one give form to the unknown through theories that are intangibly latent to the self and

their surroundings?"

Choreographer: Rena Butler, in collaboration with the dancers

Music: Gnossienne No. 3 by Erik Satie, played by pianist Olivia Belli

Original composition by Darryl J. Hoffman

Text: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

Adapted and spoken by Rena Butler

Lighting Designer: Nicole Pearce

Costume Coordinator: Tiffany Chen

Stage Manager: Sam Benson

Rehearsal Assistant: Madison Pineda

Dancers: Juilliard Dance Class of 2024

Off Shore

"Off Shore is a collaborative exploration of symbiosis between the water in and out of us, reflective in a series of tumultuous emotions. Up to sixty percent of the human body is water, and seventy percent of the earth is covered in water. How can one move freely with the intersection of swells and various degrees of currents to find the shoreline again."

Choreographer: Rena Butler, in collaboration with The Cast

Music and Sound Design: Music by Justin Hurwitz, Maurice Ravel, Benjamin Clementine

Sound Design by Benjamin Sandberg

Lighting by: Emily Bertelli

Rehearsal Assistant: Kimberly Fullmer

The University of Utah:
Spring Dance

Purchase College:
Fall Concert

II. Second


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