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Rena Butler


Rena’s work is prompted by the need to listen and converse with world events and the shifting scale of its proximity to the personal. She strives to make her artistic dialect accessible to many, in hopes that the work illuminates stories untold. Imbuing her choreographic craft with a multitude of influences is reflective of the many lives lived as multifaceted people. Human identity has a natural intersection of many ideals and hurdles, thus creating a plethora of influences for Rena to dive in and investigate.

Rena's artistic efforts are to explore s
imilar and additional themes of intersectionality, hope and loss, ritual, migration, isolation, and time (past, present, and future). Pulling from her connected experience (both ancestral and current) as a black, cis-gendered female based in the United States, as well as her time as an exchange student studying Chinese Opera, eastern dance, and Kung Fu while abroad in Taiwan, Rena choreographs a language that is scintillating with fluency, athleticism, and humanity, connecting the audience to the importance of visibility and connectivity - prompting potent dialogue about the world and its current and future state.

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